Friday, January 9, 2009

Meenakari work

This is called Meenakari work which is famous in Gujarat.
To do this, you need
1) MDF board or Canvas board
2) Glass paint water based
3) Metallic Silver 3D outliner
4) Silver dust
5) Glue n Gloss
6) Water
7) brushes
8) design of your choice.
At first, stick the design to the MDF board or you can draw the design in case of using canvas board.
Then, Mix Glue n gloss,water and Silver dust resp. in proportions of 1:1/2:1/4 spoons.
Apply the mixture to board, but the coat we apply should not be too thick so that when it dries up the design should be visible.
After the mixture dries up, outline the design with silver outliner. Now, you can add the colour of your choice, but the colour should be symmetrical on all sides.
Now, the Meenakari work is ready .


  1. wow what a beautiful painting. i like it

  2. Meenakari work really requires a lot of artistry and skill. Thanks Swarna for explaining the procedure

  3. any more designs well as cn u tell me how to do mosaic art...seriously u ve given so much info on all articles...very nice...thx


    1. hey thanks divya, sorry i dont have any info on mosaic art.


  4. Hi, what is glue & gloss? Thanks

    1. Hi veda.. sorry for the late reply.
      Glue n gloss is similar to fevicol.. not sure if its available in market.. u can use fevicol or any liquid white glue.


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