Friday, August 24, 2018

Card with floral theme and bold letters

hello friends,
today i am back with a card which i have created recently for a challenge (actually two) . 
first theme was to make something floral, so here it is and another challenge was to make something in bold letters and replace an alphabet with any image. So i have added an Eiffel tower image instead of 'A'.

Submitting for challenges

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Thursday, August 16, 2018

Customised Foamiran tiaras and flower balls!

hello everyone!
its my pleasure to share with you all that few days back( may a month ago)  , i got a text from my school friend , enquiring  about tiaras which i have never ever tired making.
i said ok, will try a sample and message back.
So, i started to make a sample with an orange foamiran flowers and send her picture, which she liked and added few suggestions.
Order got confirmed and i had to finish 8 set of tiaras and flower balls!
It was a one long month process of finding the  right raw materials online, and doing a quick research on finding the right online stores to place orders.

I will mention the detail list of suppliers for reference. for white foamiran sheets, floral wire and pollens for blue foamiran sheets, white tape.  and pollens for thermocol balls, silver ribbons page name is crafters shade - by Kahani Sanghavi . I had bought silver pollens, small pollens

Now, for the pictures.

Have a treat guys!

Hope you all liked my works.
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14 days of quilled flowers

hi all, 
Really sorry for not updating my quilled challenge works. got a bit on lazy side. 
here are the rest of the 13 days flowers picture. 
P.S: heavy post. 

Day 2 - Tulip

Day 3 - Pansy 

Day 4 - Daisy

Day 5 - Sunflower

Day 6 - Rose 

Day 7 - Sakura

Day 8 - Orchid

Day 9 - Fringed Flowers 

Day 10 - Local flower (Hibiscus) 

Day 11 - Local Flower ( Jasmine)

Day 12 - Local Flower (Chrysanthemum)

Day 13 - Local flower (Poinsettia)

Day 14 -  Local Flower (Lily)

Watch my next post for more challenge pics.

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Teachers day card

Hi.. Happy Teachers Day everyone! Me and my daughter Vibha, created few cards for her school teachers. Out of that one card i created us...