Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Fringed flowers card

This is my entry to priya's challenge in takeaquillpill blog. In this , i have used more than 5 colours like - White, Green,Yellow,Blue,Pink,Shades of purple.Also tight coils and fringing technique are used.

'Festival/Holiday' theme card

This card is for the secret sponsor challenge in takeaquillpill.blogspot.com
I have made the design with 1/16 length of different coloured paper strips.
hope u all like it.

'Congrats' theme card

Here goes my entry to takeaquillpill aniversary challenge.
this card is made for Kathy's challenge.

Card for Valentine's day

Hi.. Today i would like to share a card created by me and my daughter, Vibha. She created the  white flowers, leaves and pink petals . Al...