Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Paper quilled wall frames

Hello Fellow bloggers,
Its been a long time since i have entered by blogging world. Now, i am back with a bang.
This post includes a set of 8 wall frames which are ordered by my friend for her parents new home.A big thanks to her for the trust she had on me.
This work is dedicated to the art called 'quilling' which gave me a new 'me'. Also, i would like to dedicate this work to all the fellow quillers, bcoz i underwent so much pain,tension to make this simple work.. which made think that how much pain and tension to create such wonderful works...
Most importantly, this work is completely inspired from the book 'A Guide to Quilling Flowers' by Helen Walter .. and i take this opportunity to thanks the great personality who introduced such beautiful creation.

P.S: Heavy Picture post

Now, let me tell about each flower:
First is called Hairy Leschenaultia

Next one is Wild Tomato

Next is Peace Lily

This is Pincushions 


This is everyones fav - Rose

Now comes Morrison


At last, this is how it will be when hung on wall..this picture is taken without framing.

and this is another view.

Hope u all enjoyed watching all the pictures as much i enjoyed doing it.
Thanks everyone

Take care

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