Sunday, August 3, 2014

Paper Quilled Geometrical Shapes in a Clock!

hi friends,
here goes my next entry as DT in Indian Quilling Challenge Group in FB.
Challenge - to do Geometrical designs with no limitations. So tried with about 12 geometrical symbols in a clock for a kid’s room.

Here is the actual picture of the clock before the quilling work.
I tried to implement 12 Shapes given for each no :
1 – Crescent
2 – Pentagon
3 – Rectanlge
4 – Semicircle
5 – Square
6 – Hexagon
7 – Ellipse
8 – Triangle
9 – Kite
10 – Trapezoid
11 – Oval

12 – Circle

Here is the result -

Hope you all like it.

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